S.V. Techno Crafts

About Us

              Instrumentation Solutions

                Design and detail engineering, Supply, erection and commissioning of various instruments, Calibration, testing & support solutions,
          Trouble shooting of erroneous conditions, Data logging, Management Information Systems (MIS).

             Automation Solutions

                Process Automation, Total Plant Level Automation, Low cost Hot Lines for communication, Service Water System Controls, Auto
          Street Lights, Automation of Cooling Tower Fans, Sugar Mill Automation, Boilers & Fuel feeding system, Batch & Continuous Vacuum Pans,
          Special Purpose Control Systems such as Alternator Winding Temperature Control, Automatic Solar Heaters, Custom Automation Solutions.

             Software Solutions

                Custom specific Software Development, Software for Process Control, Installation and application development of control software
           for PLC/DCS, HMI & SCADA.Biometric Attendance, Security Systems, Office Automation, etc.

              Engineering Solutions through S.V. Engineers & Consultants

                Selection, planning, detail engineering, inspection, troubleshooting, repair/rectification, design, modification, Optimisation, support services
            for erection & commissioning, Power Generation / Cogeneration Solutions, Implementation of new technologies, Design of new or add on
            equipment, Improvement of efficiency, Modification of existing equipment, Pollution Control Solutions.